Rich Kiska


My Background

A Spiritual Conduit

I'm Rich Kiska, and I am an interdimensional correspondent, energy healer, sin eater, and psychic. I work with a wide variety of modalities including the Emotion Code and also a team of high vibrational advisors I call The Jellies.

Client Reviews

Rich is seriously the most awesome individual. So much to say, and not sure how to convey how much I appreciate the true teaching of all the things. So great at energy, reading charts, being a teacher and guide. All the stars and thumbs up.

Kim Jay

Rich Kiska is absolutely amazing as a human and as a practitioner of magic and energy work. Her sense of humor, compassion and elegance make the process enjoyable as she cuts through to the truth and helps you to see what step is next. Extremely talented and full of helpful information on how to continue working on these things solo. A life-changing force of nature. She’s a treasure- book with her!

Aimée Greenfield

Rich is someone who I completely trust and look up to. They are authentic, magical af, tapped into spirit, and VERY knowledgeable. They are someone I feel extremely thankful to have come across! I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for astrological insight, mentorship in various practices, and just for general guidance.

Mandy Rigby